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In a Relationship?

All personal relationships have their ups and downs and we work hard at our relationships to bring out the best in ourselves and others.
How is your relationship with your super? Have you taken the time to get to know your super balance and how it tracks?
How do you feel about your super? Does it make you feel happy or challenged when you think about fees, your balance and how your super fund communicates with you?
Just like any relationship in life, we need to pay attention, be in the moment, understand what works and what doesn't and have good two way communication so everyone feels valued and understood.
A review of your relationship with your superannuation and insurances is always a good idea.  
Perhaps you are getting married or are in a relationship? Starting a life together is an exciting time. Where are you going to live?  Do you plan on travelling?  How about a family or the kids education? 
These are just a few of the things that couples and families plan for.  For the most part, we tend to base our life plans on happy times and experiences - nothing going wrong. 
Things unfortunately can go wrong. What if we have a hiccup along the way? What if there’s an illness or an injury or even worse? 
Not much fun to think about for any of us. And the "she'll be right" attitude, will it be really?
The positive to take out of this conversation and an important thing to know and understand is that most unforeseeable events can be planned for and insured against. 
Is it perhaps time to review your superannuation and insurances together as a couple? Things can change – your work hours, job positions, the industry you work in, your renumeration, redundancy for example.
Tap here to make an online appointment – which can be a phone call, face to face or online discussion.
Flick me on text your latest super statements for me to review, and I will get back to you, or to you both to discuss options.
Don’t forget with any face to face meeting I have your return Uber covered - Brisbane CBD to our Hamilton Hindsight Wealth office.
Don’t just set your super and forget it. Get it working hard for you throughout your life so you don’t have to later on in life. 


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