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Eat That Frog - Now!

I appreciate having all your professional connections and I am pleased to know from your feedback, that you are reading posts you find valuable.  However, to make our connection really work, we may have to Eat that frog. 
As author Brian Tracy of “Eat that Frog!” says, “Your frog is your biggest, most important task, the one you’re most likely to procrastinate on if you don’t do something about it now”. 
Australian investment markets are currently at the same levels as they were ten years ago. The struggling resources sector has weighed heavily on investment markets.   Not great if you're planning on retiring and accessing your super now, however an excellent opportunity if you've got time up your sleeve. Markets will recover. They are presently at ten year lows.  This represents a massive discount, and if you want to give your super the best opportunity for growth, it should be well placed to take advantage of the recovery now.
Maybe a review of your Superannuation has been a …

Is it Time for a Toolbox Talk about your Future?

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I like to share useful and interesting information with my clients and potential clients from time to time.  If you have missed some of my posts on LinkedIn, here is a summary of topics you may wish to jump into.Risk Assess your Super and Insurances.
Protect your most important Asset - Your Income.
The Power of compounding Returns.
Make your Fund and Adviser earn their Money.
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Change can happen in an Instant.
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How Much is Enough?  Is there ever Enough?
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Sharing is Caring People!

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Do you have any questions?

Making the decision to sort out your superannuation and insurance needs can be a little daunting for some.  It’s like anything, your level of comfort in tackling these issues will very much depend upon your level of understanding.  The finance world can be complicated, full of jargon and far from intuitive. 
In my recent posts I’ve been attempting to cover off on what I see as the big issues currently facing people in regard to their superannuation and insurance.  Having said that, I’m always interested to hear feedback and encourage requests for further information. 
In fact, I encourage you to give some thought to discussion points and other related topics you’d like to read in my posts and blog.   When I receive your request, I’ll do the research and put up a post.  After all, my business relies on my clients (and my future clients) so I need to know if there’s areas that people would like help with or other services they’d like provided. 
Client needs change all the time, and the c…