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Making the decision to sort out your superannuation and insurance needs can be a little daunting for some.  It’s like anything, your level of comfort in tackling these issues will very much depend upon your level of understanding.  The finance world can be complicated, full of jargon and far from intuitive. 

In my recent posts I’ve been attempting to cover off on what I see as the big issues currently facing people in regard to their superannuation and insurance.  Having said that, I’m always interested to hear feedback and encourage requests for further information. 

In fact, I encourage you to give some thought to discussion points and other related topics you’d like to read in my posts and blog.   When I receive your request, I’ll do the research and put up a post.  After all, my business relies on my clients (and my future clients) so I need to know if there’s areas that people would like help with or other services they’d like provided. 

Client needs change all the time, and the challenge for any business is to be dynamic enough to address these changes.  Hindsight Wealth is up to the challenge!

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Are You protected?

I was in the field recently as SSE for a small exploration program. Our morning toolbox talk and risk assessment served as a reminder of just how many hazards we face when working in the resources industry.  It really can be dangerous at times. Of course, we put systems and controls in place to mitigate these risks, but the reality is, some risk still remains.
Protect your most important asset – your income.   Your ability to earn an income is your most important asset because your lifestyle depends on it. However, if you had to stop work tomorrow because of an accident or illness, would you be able to continue to pay your bills and afford the lifestyle you currently enjoy? What are the chances?More than 60% of Australians will be disabled for more than one month during their working life and more than 25% will be disabled for more than 3 months. Income Protection cover available through Hindsight Wealth. Income Protection cover pays up to 75% of your income to help you and your family mee…

When Can I Access My Super?

I frequently get asked the question “When can I access my super?” After all, it’s your money, you’ve worked hard for it, and no doubt you want to get your hands on it when you can.  Put simply, to access your superannuation, you need to meet a condition of release. For most people, this will be triggered when you retire and meet preservation age as per the below table:
So for those of you who are thinking “that’s ages away, why worry about it now” you should use the extra time you have up your sleeve to your advantage.  Even a small change in the annual return on your superannuation can have a huge difference when you retire. For those of you who are a little more advanced through your working life and are approaching preservation age, it’s important you don’t wait until the last minute to plan how you will access your super.  You need to be smart about it to ensure you access your superannuation in a way that is tax effective and will last you throughout your retirement years. Regardless …

Are You About to Lose your Insurance?

In the 2018/2019 budget (released in May this year) the government talks about tailoring insurance arrangements.  Basically, every time a person starts a job and opts to use the default, associated industry superannuation fund, they will likely have a group insurance policy (life insurance and/or tpd and/or income protection) automatically opened.  What this means is that for someone that has multiple jobs over their career they can end up with multiple insurance policies and paying multiple premiums from their super funds. So, the governments idea to hold fewer automatic insurance policies, will allow Australians to grow their balances faster and protect low balances from being eroded entirely. Make sense? For the most part it seems like a good idea. A 20 something single worker with no debt and no family may not need $500,000 in default life insurance cover. It is an unnecessary cost to their superannuation fund. Some super funds have started to pre-empt the government’s announcemen…