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Financial Services For You Working in the Resource Industry

How Does The "Uber Chat & Ride" Offer Work?

I have had a few clients of late take me up on my offer of a “Uber Ride &Chat” meeting.
It’s all designed to make your time and our meeting more valuable, hassle free and easy to review your latest super statement & insurances.  How it works. Let’s make a time to meet at the Hindsightwealth Hamilton office. I’ll arrange and pay for in advance, your Uber ride from Brisbane CBD return. I will text you and screen shot the Uber confirmed pick up time, location and your Uber Driver detail. They will deliver you safely to Hamilton. Let me know your coffee or tea preference when we make our appointment – it will be ready waiting for your arrival. Lunch is on me. A client opted for a lunch time meeting and needed it capped to 1 hour. No problem at all. In fact, we have a cafĂ© close by that delivers great sandwiches which I can arrange for you if you choose to visit over lunch. Should we need to meet again – need more time to discuss or set things up? It’s my Uber shout again. No cost to y…