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What the Federal Budget means for you.

With a federal election looming, the 2019/2020 Federal Budget aims to deliver tax cuts to low and middle income workers and small businesses, superannuation tweaks for older Australians, and energy assistance payments. Keep in mind that a fair chunk of the below policies depend on the Coalition government winning re-election in May – although Labor has announced bipartisan support for some.  But here's what this year's Federal Budget essentially means for you.  Tax cuts for low- and middle-income earners. The government aims to reduce taxes for low to middle income earners through additional targeted offsets that aims to benefit over 10 million Australians.  The big winners from this year's federal budget are middle income workers earning between $48,000 and $90,000, who will receive an maximum tax cut of up to $1,080 for single earners. For a dual income family where two individuals earn in that range, the tax relief will total $2,160.  Labor says they'll support these per…

5 tech-savvy ways to save with ease.

Forget the piggy bank, swear jar or the Excel spreadsheet, let's take a look at some technologies that are making it easier than ever to save and invest. Saving may not be your favourite parts of being a grown-up, but it’s imperative when it comes to being prepared for anything life throws at you.  So what if you could get on top of these financial tasks without even thinking about it?  That's exactly what a rapidly growing number of tech-savvy solutions aim to do. Let us introduce you to some tools you might like to add to your kit.  1. MoneySmart mobile calculatorForget rough calculations on the back of a coaster. MoneySmart's four-in one financial calculatorcan help you work out exactly how much you can afford to borrow, the impact on your savings and whether or not that hot deal the salesperson is spruiking is actually any good. Created by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, this app brings together four MoneySmart calculators: the savings calculator, pers…

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Andrew O'Brien live.

I had the good fortune to share the mic with Sean Lavin and his Beneath the Surface podcast this week.

Beneath the Surface: a podcast created to capture the stories of the people who make up theglobal mining and related industries.

Andrew O’Brien joins me for episode 6 of Beneath the Surface.  Andrew is a very unique character in the mining game - he’s a geologist, holds a site senior executive (SSE) ticket and is a certified financial advisor. 

In this episode, Andrew and I talk all things finance in the mining industry. We discuss general financial education, tackle stereotypes and even dive head-first into the recent Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry.  

On top of all this, Andrew shares the biggest financial mistake that he sees miners make, and provides some fantastic advice to avoid the trap.

I really enjoyed speaking to Andrew and am grateful for the knowledge and insights he shares.

To listen to the podcast, tap here.