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Are you starting over?

For those of you working in the resources industry, you would no doubt understand the potential downside is the punishing rosters and long periods away from home that can take a toll on family and personal life. Sure, the money is good for the most part, but it comes at a cost. Unfortunately, some marriages suffer irreparably and many find themselves having to “start over” after relationship breakdown or divorce.  It can be an extremely difficult time and apart from the emotional strain, there’s the stress of having to rebuild financially.  You may find yourself in a situation where you’re left with minimal assets and essentially must start over. In this situation, it’s critical to make sure you have your superannuation structured and invested correctly. If you’ve come through a divorce with your superannuation intact, it may end up being your biggest asset. You really need to get it working for you and you need to make sure your income is adequately insured. If you’re starting over,…

Do you know how much you’ll need to retire? - TAL Life Insurance

It is a good question.  Perhaps you think about it every now and then? 

Sit down with a qualified Financial Adviser and discuss your  current lifestyle needs and wants and maybe how you see your "retirement" lifestyle playing out.

Even the smallest changes you make to your super now, will have an impact on your super nest egg.

Be Smart with your Super.

I have a few posts and highlighted how superannuation is very much a long term investment.
And that it is important to have your superannuation invested appropriate to your retirement “time horizon” and risk profile. 
Understanding the numbers is important.For instance, if you are just starting out in your career and have a relatively modest super balance of $20,000, even a solid annual return of 10% will only yield in increase of $2,000 in your balance. 
By contrast, if you have a higher balance of say $100,000 then the same percentage return yields a $10,000 increase.Obviously this isn’t a complicated concept.However, it highlights the opportunity and importance of managing your super correctly from the very start.
Get your super performing early so that the balance increases and percentage gains translate into strong dollar gains for you.

Ok.So you’ve decided you want to do something about it.What’s the process? 
At Hindsight we understand that our clients quite often don’t have a lot…

Ways to make your super - well, super.