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Are you an Employer of Choice?

Since 1 July 2005, most employers have been required to give their employees a choice of fund for their superannuation guarantee contributions.

Only if the employee fails to choose or chooses a fund which cannot be used by the employer, will the employer be able to choose the fund.

You are stuck no more.   Since “Super Choice” was introduced, there is now a great deal of competition in the superannuation market given that employees can choose where to put their money.

A competitive market is good for consumers with an almost limitless choice of highly developed options for employees to choose from.

So, what does this mean for employers?  Many employers have identified Super Choice as an opportunity to offer their employees a more individualised option rather than then simply nominating an off the shelf industry fund.

At Hindsight Wealth we offer this service to employers.  We come in, meet with each of your staff members privately, create and present a tailored superannuation and personal insurance option for them. 

So why bother?  What’s the advantage of this approach for employer and employee?

Each employee is different.  Their life circumstances are different, their investor profile is different.  They should have a super fund tailored to them and not just a one size fits all group approach.

Group insurance offered to employees is often not appropriate to their needs.  A personalised, medically and financially underwritten insurance option will serve employees better.

Access to quality advice.  Employees often make poorly informed choices regarding super and insurance.  By providing a personalised Statement of Advice they will be getting quality advice suited to them.

This is an additional service you can provide your employees.  You’ll be an employer of choice and your employees will appreciate having this service offered to them.

Finding the time to provide this service to your employees can be challenging.

Hindsight Wealth will come to your workplace and speak with your employees as a group either before or after hours or during a lunch break.  Alternatively, we can arrange a group presentation at our offices in Portside or an online group meeting at a time that suits your business.

If you would like to discuss how this could work in your business, be in touch.  If you wold like to make a presentation time for you and your employees, use my online calandar.

Hindsight Wealth and Hindsight Group Pty Ltd t/as Hindsight Wealth Pty Ltd (ABN 88 168 442 528) are Authorised Representatives of Affinia Financial Advisers Limited ABN 13085335397 & AFS Licence No 237857.  The material contains general advice only and the consumer should consider the PDS and whether the product is appropriate prior to deciding to buy.


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